How Much Stain

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How Much Stain

Postby JALL » Wed Jan 05, 2011 7:11 am

How much stain would I need to stain the deck and transom of a 16ft. boat. I would probable stain the windshield frame work also. I was thinking about ordering 2qts. stain and a gallon of varnish to start. Thank You
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Postby LancerBoy » Thu Jan 06, 2011 4:29 am

If using filler stain a tiny can (maybe a pint) will be plenty. Regular thinned stain such as you get at the big box store, probably a quart is plenty.

Varnish quantity will depend upon how many coats you want to apply.

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Postby John Hart » Sat Feb 05, 2011 11:40 am

I bought a pint of Interlux Red Mahogany 1579... and used about 3/4 on my 1960 Seacoaster. 15'10"

I did the deck, sheer strake, inside around the gunwale, dash, outside transom, window frame, and spray rails.

I still have some left over.

I keep a box of plastic spoons, and a box of elbow straws around to get small amounts of stain and varnish out of the can.

If you can get a good price, you might consider getting four quarts instead of a gal... I have gotten both. By the time you do the inside, seats, and stained areas, you will likely go through 2+ gallons.



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