Staining over brass screws or not ?

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Staining over brass screws or not ?

Postby tcvc » Mon May 09, 2011 5:21 pm

Ok I posted this under restoration, then I got to thinking maybe I should of put in under this catagory instead.
I have a question. Still working on my 1930s Thompson TVT. This boat has several hundred exposed brass screws. If I take all the planks, rub rail, cowling etc and screw them down and fair them to where they should be, when I use the stain filler it’s going to get into all the slots of the screws. So if I attach everything then remove all the screws and stain it after fairing, then re screw everything back again, I’m taking forever. How did Thompson use to do it and how do you do it now? Also how about the ones with the finish washers, do I varnish right over them like I would the counter sunk ones ?
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