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Cruisers In step pads

PostPosted: Sun Sep 19, 2010 5:22 am
Were step pads an option on Cruisers Inc in 1957. If so did they ever offer two on each side with a total of four. The boat I have has 4 and they are black. Maybe this was an add on. Thanks for any help!

PostPosted: Sun Sep 19, 2010 11:13 am
by LancerBoy
Step pads were a factory option from Cruicers, Inc. in 1957. White was typical in those days for outboard boats. However, I can see black step pads in that year's brochure on the Nomad model. There happen to be four of 'em on that boat.

Yours could have come from the factory or been installed by the dealer (more likely) or been after market installed by an owner. There is no way to tell for sure.