Trim Tabs ?

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Trim Tabs ?

Postby Atwater » Tue Sep 12, 2006 3:29 am

The first outing with the Sea Camper raised some questions/concerns .

I didn't have enough time to play with the motor trim . There is still a couple of notches to go down . There was difinatley a cavitation issue . It has a 1969 -85 hp Johnson w/ a hydro foil thingy on it . I do know that it really scoots . :shock:

I took my son in law for a quick ride and was a bit alarmed at how much the boat yawed to his side . ( of course he's only 6'5" and 275 lbs :wink: ) The battery is centered and the tank (5 gal. ) was port side . So the question/s , are these boats that sensitive ? Would trim tabs be a benefit ? Or do you think there are other issues ?

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