Painting Plastic Barrels

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Painting Plastic Barrels

Postby stewfisch » Sun Jun 23, 2013 6:40 pm

Hi Folks,

So, I got this great idea to build a floating dock extension for my fixed dock. I need the space for my new (to me) Sealancer. Building it is the simple part. I decided to use 30 gallon plastic barrels for floatation because they are readily available and way cheaper than commercial "dock logs". My problem is that these barrels are bright white. I have to put up with the backwoods equivalent of a home owners association. I call them paint Nazis because they dictate the color of my cabin and other silly regulations. I know there is someone in this community who can tell me a suitable coating I can use on standard polyethylene barrels. Do I just use multiple cans of spray paint like Rustoleum enamel? It seems to work for graffiti artists. Any ideas here?

Many thanks, Stew Fischer
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Re: Painting Plastic Barrels

Postby Torchie » Mon Jun 24, 2013 11:08 am

Rustoleum will not stick to plastic barrels.
You can try rattle cans of Krylon Paint that is made to paint plastic or spend the big bucks and
get automotive paint that is formulated to stick to rubber and plastic bumpers. Most auto stores that mix Paint can put it in rattle cans for you.
But depending on how many barrels you are painting you will need a S*** ton of cans.
And most Graffitti artist use special paint that doesn't run as easily as well as a can with a nozzle that give a finer line.
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