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Andreas is having a barn raising

PostPosted: Wed Oct 23, 2013 1:09 pm
by LancerBoy
Hi friends,

What's everyone up to one Saturday morning, October 26th? Bored, need something to do?

Come help me work on my workshop! I need help installing the ceiling panels in my shed. Lift, cut, drill, nail, etc... I will rent a drywall lift to assist in getting the plywood up in the air.

It will be fun, I promise! Food and beverages provided. We can burn something later on in the day too if that is of interest. Some old Thompson boat maybe.... :)

10 am is start time.

Let me know if you can lend a hand! Bring a nail gun if ya have it for shooting 8d nails. Nail pouch and hammer for the old fashioned carpenters!

Spread the word please.

Where: 1212 County Road 19, Independence, MN 55359 - just west of downtown Minneapolis