Typical original engine weight for 17' Sea Lancer?

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Typical original engine weight for 17' Sea Lancer?

Postby StCroixThompson » Mon May 15, 2017 1:16 pm

I have a 1961 Peshtigo 17' Sea Lancer. I have had a four stroke motor on it for the last several years, but the heavier weight affects the trim of the boat, with the stern sitting too low in the water.

I'm looking at lighter options even if I need to give up some HP. According to the catalog, the boat is rated for a 90hp motor, but I don't think any of the outboard manufacturers were actually selling 90hp motors in 1961.

Does anyone know what a typical engine setup would have been for this size of a boat? I'd like to use that to try to figure out a reasonable max weight for the motor. Though I like how the old Evinrude/Johnson motors look, I want to stay with a modern engine for reliability's sake, since I've had bad luck with older engines in the past.
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Re: Typical original engine weight for 17' Sea Lancer?

Postby ewrice » Wed May 17, 2017 7:03 pm

I had a '62, and have a '63. The '62 had a 75hp evinrude. I bought the boat for parts, so never used it. The original owners said it rode well and that was the engine delivered on it.
The '63 had a Merc 850 "tower of power" on it since my family bought it in the mid '70s. That boat ran good but was unstable. That engine was also very heavy (in line 6 cylinder) but sure would scoot!
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Re: Typical original engine weight for 17' Sea Lancer?

Postby richnle » Thu May 18, 2017 1:03 pm

I believe the vintage 75hp Johnson or Evinrude weighs about 245 lbs and the 6 cylinder Merc 850 is about 270 lbs. I have the Merc 850 on a 1961 17ft Grady White Hatteras and it sits in the water level and handles just fine. In a modern outboard, a 60hp Evinrude Etec should provide plenty of power at 240lbs of weight.
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Re: Typical original engine weight for 17' Sea Lancer?

Postby Richard Lichte » Tue May 23, 2017 5:35 am

I have a '62 Sea Coaster which had 75hp Johnson. I replaced it with a 50hp Evinrude E-Tech a couple years ago, which weighed exactly the same. The new 50hp provides as much or more power than the 75. The E-Tech has power trim which which let's me maximize power and efficiency with each different weight distribution scenario. You can really feel the spot where you get more speed at fewer rpm. I don't recall exactly how the Sea Lancer compares in size and weight to my Sea Coaster, which has 16' 8" center length and I think is listed at 875 lbs. Depending on the exact specs of your boat, you might want a 60hp if you choose and E-Tech, but the 50hp has plenty of power for mine. Good luck, Rich
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