Transom replace, Rib Replace, Refasten, Un-hog,.. Order???

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Transom replace, Rib Replace, Refasten, Un-hog,.. Order???

Postby PeterZ » Fri Dec 09, 2011 2:05 pm

Hello again

In my previous post you may have seen that I recently purchased what looks like a 65 Pestigo Offshore. On first inspectioni it looks like I will need to replace: the entire transom (its been partially disasembeled and in bad shape), probably replace most of the ribs or scarf in pieces, most likely the keel, I think I may have a slight hog, and I want to re-fasten the strakes so the boat will need to be flipped.

Should I build a new transom first and install dry - no calk or adhesive with a few screws every so often, while the boat is still upright on the trailer. Seems easier than replaing the transom with the boat upside down.

Then brace and flip the boat, level it, and pull the keel, garboards and check out the keelson and probably replace from what I can tell so far. Fix garboards if there is a hog by scarfing in a new piece.

Now, ... Chicken and egg question, ... do I flip boat back over and steam new ribs prior to re-fastening, now that the presumed hog is gone. I don't see how you steam a whole new rib and put it in place with the boat upside down. or do I refasten (pull strakes completely off, clean up, CPES, varnish inside, prime outside, calk and replace). Then flip boat right side up and deal with ribs. This doesn't make sense as during the refasten I would be putting in new hardwared into the old ribs, only the pull out the rib screws again to replace the ribs, ... and if I pull all the strakes off, then replace the ribs (upside down), what do I use as a form for the new steam bent ribs since the strakes would be off?

One thought would be to steam new ribs with the boat right side up while I fix the transom, however I would think I need to fix a potential hog first and any keel issues before I bent new ribs, right? Which means flipping the boat.

I will also need to CPES the back side of the new ribs at some point. Can you steam them, then when they set up, pull them out of the boat and CPES the back side? Or do you have to do this from the outside with the strakes off?

what to do , what to do, ... first second third, etc. including flipping boat

Thanks for any advice
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Postby Torchie » Fri Dec 09, 2011 3:17 pm

Ok Peter. here we go.
The first thing to remember is that these boats were built from the inside out so in deconstructing them you have to do it from the outside in. More or less.
Ribs can be put in a boat that is upside down(don't ask me how I know) not the easiest way though. It is good to be able to use the hull as a form to steam your ribs otherwise you will have to build some sort of jig.

I would replace the transom with the boat upright then flip. Help keep the hull shape and give you new wood to attache the keelson too.

And also I don't know that the benefits of CPES on the back side of the ribs is outweighed by the work envolved. If all you had was a complete rib skeleton then by all means do it but to remove all the strakes just to CPES and reinstall seems a hugh task to me. But I am sure some have done it.

So I guess that I would replace the transom. Flip the boat remove keel and garboards. Fix the keelson which may take cake of the hog. Put the garboards and the keel back on. Flip the boat back upright. remove bad ribs and replace. Whew!!!
Hope this helps.
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