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Interlux Sysytems?

PostPosted: Sun Mar 25, 2012 8:52 am
by thebrowndogg
Anyone have an opinions on using something like interlux high build primer on wood for a barrier coat?
I am currently working on my 54' penn yan while my thompson is still in storage.
I have most of the old paint the was on the boat when I got her, so I am starting to think on my next steps.
I think the old vet I got the boat from used surplus naval paint from WW2!

I was planning on throwing on 2 coats of cpes & using Kirby #18 Blue as my finish coat but thought it may not hurt to try to also use a primer too.
I remember reading on the board about someone use interlux also.

Iam not trying to get this boat back to perfect, I'm just trying to get this thing to use at our camp a couple of times a year.
She will not be sitting in the waterfor long periods.

Steve In Vermont



PostPosted: Mon Mar 26, 2012 11:27 am
by John Hart
Steve.. I used several heavy coats of CPES four days apart... then one light coat 24 hrs before priming... Then I applied Smith's High Build Epoxy primer which is considered a barrier coat..

I had two colors.. gray and white and did four coats alternating gray, white, gray, white so I could see what I was doing.... Four total qts did it for my 15' 10" 1960 Seacoaster. (I think that was one qt Gray, one qt White and two qts hardener). I also think I just did the barrier coat to the Spray Rail plank. I will check my notes tonight, and repost if I am wrong on that.

Then Kirby's White semigloss... Some guys like gloss, I prefered semi. I believe I did three coats of Kirby's.. If I remember I planned on two coats, but I think I had fisheye or runs or something so I did it again.