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Postby andre lafrance » Wed Apr 04, 2012 3:54 pm

i'm getting ready to bend the forefoot on my '57 15' sea coaster. BUT the longer i look at it, and the more reading i do a thought occurred to me. in fact in the wooden boat series FRAME, STEM AND KEEL REPAIR there is a picture on page 72 that depicts exactly what i had in mind. however, i would only use one piece of wood. this is the situation: the thompson forefoot on this boat looks like a pyramid (base toward the stern) with the three other sides squared off. i would like to extend the two sides to give me more nailing surface. the tip of the top of the pyramid has to be squared off because it connects to the stem. i have filled in the nail holes on the planks with dowels and epoxy. am i in any danger of harming the stem if i utilize what is shown at the bottom of page 72? thanks for any insight provided...
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