Rust in metal gas can

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Rust in metal gas can

Postby Dan Wolf » Sun Apr 21, 2013 12:52 pm

I have a great looking metal gas can that I was surprised to get from my uncle. I open it up and I see there is a lot of rust on the inside on the bottom. SO now I'm not surprised anymore. He tells me throw some rocks in it and shake them around. OK old school maybe, last resort possibly, but I'm thinking fuel filter clogged, middle of lake, phone call about rocks cleaning out a gas tank. So I'm not buying what he is selling. Can this be sand blasted or something. Its a solid tank and I sure like the look of the old ones. Any Ideas?
Dan Wolf
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Re: Rust in metal gas can

Postby Sheil Kottkamp » Sun Apr 21, 2013 7:47 pm

These gas cans are a dime a dozen, can't save them all. I recommend scrapping it and looking for a better replacement.
Sheil Kottkamp
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Re: Rust in metal gas can

Postby LancerBoy » Mon Apr 22, 2013 3:42 am

marbles or ball bearings, oven cleaner, ammonia water solution. I have heard all these methods work.

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Re: Rust in metal gas can

Postby JoeCB » Mon Apr 22, 2013 7:35 pm

It all depends on how badly you want to save it! Shake, rattle and roll with sharp cornered metal bits, nuts work good. Solution to use depends on type of "crud". If old stale gas varnish use caustic cleaner first, rinse rinse rinse. After most of the loose rust is remover finish with acid metal prep solution (from paint store/ Home Depot). Finally finish with a gas tank specific sloshing compound like "Red Coat" from auto parts store. Lot of work! is the tank that special ?
Joe B
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Re: Rust in metal gas can

Postby 59Thompson » Tue Apr 23, 2013 8:30 am

I restored a vintage Vespa motor scooter steel tank using a kit from Kreem Products. I used pennies and lead shot to shake in the stripped interior until I got no more loose rust out, then used the etching compound in the kit, lastly the lining liquid that gave sort of a white plasticized interior finish. 17 years and still looks fine. Eastwood, the auto restoration suppliers also have some kits as well. BTW I'm looking for nice exterior "Bosun" marked tank to go with my 62 Gale 40HP Sovereign motor should someone know of one.
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Re: Rust in metal gas can

Postby stewfisch » Tue Apr 23, 2013 5:36 pm

In addition to or instead of the above mentioned abrasive components(ie: pennies, lead shot etc.) I can suggest 4 or 5 feet of fixture chain. It's readily available, inexpensive and can be reused many times for other projects. Hope this is helpful
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Re: Rust in metal gas can

Postby Dan Wolf » Wed Apr 24, 2013 5:17 pm

All good ideas, I'm gonna give it a shot. Thanks
Dan Wolf
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