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Re: '53 Thompson Thomboy Refinishing Project

PostPosted: Sun Aug 21, 2016 4:52 pm
by Bellbuoys
This week I finished the Yellow Jacket that had consumed my attention, and made my first sojourn below decks on the Thomboy. It was generally a good report. Going forward, the inside of the hull displayed the decades of barn dust you'd expect, a little bit of blackened wood (but solid), and other sections you could eat off of. I guess my plan should be to give it a good scrubbing, but I expect some portions will need to be stripped before sanding and revarnishing, and if you strip one section, I suppose you're resigned to doing them all for uniformity (Correct?) In some sections, particularly in the motor well, there is blackened wood, likely from oil/water. Am I correct in remembering there is some type of acid or bleach that will brighten this?
Port side of both the rear cockpit and motor well I found plywood "plates" that appear to cover over an earlier repair; boat is smooth and painted over on the bottom. They are through bolted, nuts on the inside, with bolts cut flush to the top of the nut. Leave these as is?
Pictures of the above items are at the link below, in the album entitled "Below Decks":
(The holes in the keelson in the second photo are from a bracket that held the floor mounted controls for the original Mercury motor.)
Comments/suggestions always welcome.