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floors and deck nails

PostPosted: Sun Sep 20, 2020 11:20 am
by andre lafrance
hello! after nine years (four off to restore a vw bus), I've just temporarily put the deck - prime sapele ribbon - on my '57 sea coaster deluxe model 477. I don't think i'll have the time to seal, attach, and stain the deck before winter. so, I thought I'd work on the floors and seats. were floors put in some of these models by the factory or maybe the dealers? nevertheless, if you've attached a floor to a similar model would you share? Also, does anyone have a source for deck nails? I'm going to use 3m 5200 to attach the deck plus deck nails sparingly - NO BUNGS! I work with a product similar to 3m 5200 building wooden aircraft wings, and it isn't as difficult to remove as some make it out to be. time consuming. yes. thanks for any responses. good to be back! take care...