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Lifting my boat off the trailer

PostPosted: Sat Apr 01, 2006 10:06 am
by JSC
I need to re-paint the bottom and the hull on my '57 Offshore. I have owned the boat for a couple of years and I have painted the bottom once, but the boat had been taken off the trailer and set up on the dock by a repair shop patching some rotted plywood on the bottom. This time around, I am using a friend's barn and I'm thinking of lifting the boat off the trailer, using pulleys and rope and/or nylon towng straps. I plan to leave the motor on the boat. I'm wondering if it might be too stressfull to lift the boat at the bow and stern - would it be better to add a strap in the middle? Can/should I use the eyebolts on the bow and stern? The paint on the hull is in relatively good shape, I plan to lightly sand, as there are no really rough or bare spots, before painting. Also, while I'm asking questions, is it "kosher" to lightly sand and patch in some "touch-up" coats of varnish on the topsides in a couple of small spots that might need it?

Thanks for any/all advice.

PostPosted: Sat Apr 01, 2006 5:46 pm
by txcaptdan
I have lifted several hulls in my shop. Most outboards engines Evinrudes or Johnsons have a lifting hoop on top or a lifting ring. Your ski tows should be strong enough to do same. My Cruisers Incs have a lifting ring on the deck that connect to a bolt that runs to the keel. This will lift front easily, then I usually lift the motor to lift the stern. I always transfer weight asap to strong wooden boxs to help carry weight and still leave ceiling pulls- a come a long hooked up.
You also can lower trailer tounge to the ground then place boxes / jacks or supports under transom then lift front ring with come along , which should free trailer so you can pull it out. Always use safety supports once you get hull where you want it.

PostPosted: Sun Apr 02, 2006 5:18 am
by a j r
Lifting the boat with the lifting ring on the front deck (if the boat has one) and the ski tow rings on the transom is not a big deal. You can hang the boat from these for short periods of time. I'd suggest supporting the motor somehow if you are leaving it on the boat during the left.