Not one Thompson at the Buffalo show

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Not one Thompson at the Buffalo show

Postby rong » Sun Sep 10, 2006 7:55 pm

Can someone answer why I did not see 1 thompson at the largest antique boat show in Buffalo NY. Is this a common occurrence? I saw a handful of Lyman's, many century's and of course chris,hacker and others.
I am new to the world of Thompsons and do not understand why the lack of attention.
If it wasn't for Thompson Dockside and Arnie - the web would be vacant as well.
My 16 ft Seacoaster happens to be a great little boat and has a bit more style than a few of the Lymans that were at the show.
Next year I will be entering my boat in the show. Maybe I will win 1st for best and only Thompson in the show.
Really, I thought that there were a lot of Thompsons out there!
Does anyone have a reason?
Thanks, Ron
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Postby a j r » Mon Sep 11, 2006 3:14 am

Do not despare. Obviously there are not Thompson Boat owners in that area that are aware of the show or they do not desire to participate in the show. Not ALL Thompson owners have an interest in classic boat shows.

Get the word out. PRIOR to the show (many weeks or even months) let the folks here on this forum know about the event. Write an article for the local ACBS chapter magazine/newsletter informing them about the "Thompson Dockside" and the Thompson Antique & Classic Boat Rally. We ALL need to be very proactive and take the matters into our own hands.

a j r
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