'55 Thomboy HP Rating

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'55 Thomboy HP Rating

Post by JALL »

Is the 14' 1955 Thomboy rated for more than 25HP? Thanks
Phill Blank
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Re: '55 Thomboy HP Rating

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The 14 foot 1955 Thomboy is rated at 25 HP as it uses the 14-55 series hull per the rating chart. It is rated for a 33 HP or a 50 HP for racing per the chart. I am running a 35 HP on my 14 foot Super Deluxe Runabout which has the same series hull as the Thomboy, with out any problems. I have attached a copy of the chart for your reference.

http://i1220.photobucket.com/albums/dd4 ... 760b09.gif

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Re: '55 Thomboy HP Rating

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I have a 35 HP Johnson from 1957 on my 1955 Thompson 14 footer. No problem.

Are you looking at a '55 Thomboy?

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