Help me decide - should I buy it?

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Jim Tesno
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Help me decide - should I buy it?

Post by Jim Tesno »

Have a chance to pick up a 17', 1959 with a 50 hp Johnson. I'm no expert but have a couple of concerns 1. On transom, appears solid except a section approx. 1' long, 6" high at bottom and outer area that appears soft. Not sure how deep it goes. 2) I took a 4' level under hull. On one side (only) there is an area approx. 1' long x 2" wide near stern with approx. 1/4 gap. 3) When I lay straight edge along length of boat approx. 1/3 boat length from stern, if I lay level edge flush at front, there appears to be a 1/4 (or less) gap toward stern. 4) there was melting snow in the boat and melt water dripping from keel. I assume I could remove outer keel and caulk/ seal that.

Bottom line it that I'm not an expert in wood repair but I'm not afraid to learn and work at things. I can get boat, motor and trailer for $1,000.00, maybe less. I tried once before but got a boat beyond repair and am a little gun shy.

I'd really like some advice if these are major issues and how difficult to repair. If anyone is willing, I'd love to talk to someone on the phone?
Jim Tesno
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Re: Help me decide - should I buy it?

Post by thegammas »

hey Jim....
send me a message on facebook - peter stransky in delaware - lets chat
Peter Stransky
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