Lubricate remote controls

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Lubricate remote controls

Post by JALL »

What is the best way to lubrcate the rails (sliding parts ) inside of the remote controls for the throttle and shift? Thanks for any help!
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Re: Lubricate remote controls

Post by Torchie »

If you can remove the cable from the sheathing then lube is fairly easy :D
What I did with mine was to extend the cable all the way out at the motor end and apply a liberal
coating of 90 weight gear oil. Then I attached the end to the rafters and let gravity do it's thing.
Also kept working the controls back and forth.
Did this everyday for a while and now they work good.
Can I say for sure that it was the lube that did it. NO. But I am sure that it helped.
Good luck.
Lets hear what anyone else has done.
Phill Blank
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Re: Lubricate remote controls

Post by Phill Blank »


If you want to lube the inside of your remote control you can use White Lithium grease. Wash all the internal parts with solvent wipe them dry and then brush on a liberal coating of lithium grease and reassemble the control.

Like Torchie, I lube the cables by running oil down the cable when suspended and working the control levers. I used "Marvel Lubricating Oil". I would extend the cable and put a few drops on the cable and work it back and forth. Then add a few more drops and again work the cable back in forth until the cable felt loser. I then left it suspended for a couple days.

Good Luck,

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