what does the future hold?

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what does the future hold?

Post by Robert »

I'm concerned that with out being able to post photos this chat site is all but dead in the water....
what are the alternatives?
are there other active site for thompsons out there?
Robert in Carrboro NC
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Ron Zito
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Re: what does the future hold?

Post by Ron Zito »

Have not been on this site for a while. I have used Snapfish when I posted. That is not direct posted pictures, but you can sign up free and use the site to post your photos there and it's free. My photos are all still there as linked on the Thompson site and still accessible.
http://www2.snapfish.com/thumbnailshare ... =snapfish/
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Re: what does the future hold?

Post by LancerBoy »

Yes, this forum is on it's death bed.

There are TWO active Thompson facebook pages: Thompson Boat Owner's Group and Thompson Antique & Classic Boat Rally. Plus a zillion other groups focused on old watercraft and outboard motors, yadda, yadda, yadda.

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Re: what does the future hold?

Post by Portside »

Robert- Basically, if Andreas says the site is "on its death bed" then that is most likely the case. It's been a robust site in the past with a wealth of great information on Thompson boats. I've been using it since 2009 and had great responses to some perplexing questions. In my opinion there just seems to be a lull in wooden boat fever. I would not give up on this site. Post your questions. There are some experienced folks out there that will get back to you.
steve in texas
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Re: what does the future hold?

Post by steve in texas »

Not on facebook site, still active
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